Wednesday, December 31, 2008

Jumping into 2009

Where has the year gone? I was thinking back today on 2008 and forward to 2009...

-Ben went from taking just a few steps... to running, jumping, and diving. He went from just a couple of teeth to 16. He speaks in full sentences and never stops talking! He has discovered and come to love books and music like his big brother.

-Sam started reading and swimming. He can now swim about 6 feet under water without sinking or choking! He played t-ball this summer and was the kid out there watching airplanes and kicking dirt around. He will start Kindergarten in the fall which is just crazy!

-Brian ran his 16th hood to coast. He has been working hard on his research and is up for tenure in 2009.

-We took a few fun beach trips and enjoyed our annual trip to Sunriver with family. Lots of bike riding, swimming, games and time together. We hope to attempt some more outdoor adventures this year...hiking, camping etc.

-We had the biggest snow storm in the Northwest in 40 years and had a white Christmas! Ben's first time sledding and building a snow man. Our first time stuck in the house as a family for about 10 days.

-I have attempted to get back into the world of working out regularly...a few times. I found out I really enjoy cooking and trying new recipes out on my friends and family. I had to ban myself from Whole Foods for a while after spending $40 on the ingredients for risotto.

Today was a lazy day. Brian worked while the kids ran around all day in their PJs. Sam mentioned during lunch... "Mom, you forgot to get us dressed today!" Hmmm - he knows how to dress himself so I won't take the blame for that one. But I will say that it would be a big laundry saver if they just stayed in their jammies a few days a week!

We are heading over to Kristi's spend New Years Eve with friends tonight. The kids are having a pajama party (how fitting) and early New Years at 9pm... We'll see how long the adults last.

Happy New Year!

Tuesday, December 30, 2008

I've become one of those people...

There is nothing too exciting to report. Christmas has come and gone... the kids have been playing with their new toys and I have been busy cleaning, reorganizing and getting ready for the new year. Yesterday Sam and I made pizza...

Mac got a haircut (apparently this is the "teddy bear" cut)...
He seems a little bored with the whole concept...
Reilly is still a big baby who has to lay on people at all times...
And I have officially become one of those people... that has nothing going on in their life and has to post a bunch of photos of their dogs.

Thursday, December 25, 2008

Christmas Day Fun

We had a very merry day around here. And how fun to have a white Christmas! The boys were so excited to run downstairs and see if Santa had come.

Ben was thrilled with Cranky the Crane.

Thankfully Mom and Dad were able to get down off of their hill today. They came over along with the Arnolds for brunch. We made gingerbread waffles with lemon whipped cream, sausage, fresh fruit and orange rolls - yum!
Dad helping make treats for Christmas dinner at Ellen's...

A few gifts to open...

Ben crashed out with Cranky.

Handsome boys by the tree.We had an Italian feast at Ellen's...lots of food, wine, great family and peppermint ice cream pie with hot fudge! I went upstairs to see what the kids were up to... Lizzie was giving Sam a manicure... with a spoon. He is such a good sport.
Lots of playing and running around in Lizzie's "slippers" as Sam calls them...aka princess shoes.

It was great fun watching the kids enjoy the day and spend time with family.

Brian and I even snuck in a photo together - thanks to Sam who is our little photographer.

Wednesday, December 24, 2008

Merry Christmas to all and to all a good night!

We had a busy day today and fun celebrating Christmas Eve. Since the weather forecast called for more snow and possible freezing rain, we rearranged our Adams Family Christmas Eve celebration and gathered at Char and Duffy's for brunch. The spread was delicious... eggs, sausage, salmon, cinnamon rolls, fresh fruit, coffee cake and many more goodies. The kids played with their cousins and were thrilled to break free of our snow cave at home. It was the first time they have really been out in over a week. The adults did the first annual white elephant exchange which was great fun. Brian ended up with an old school Sony Walkman and gave it to Sam who thinks he is cooler than cool. He walked around all day with the ear phones on and the walkman attached to his pocket. After much needed naps we had dinner at our house with Lisa and Heather. It was fun to cook a fancy dinner and have a relaxed evening. We baked Santa some special brownies and Sam left them with carrots for the reindeer. The kids are nestled snug in their beds and the stockings are hung by the chimney with care. Merry Christmas!

Monday, December 22, 2008

Fun at night and the crazy white dog...

We ventured out tonight for a little night sledding and snow fun with Auntie Lisa. These ice chunks and snow balls were a bit hit with the kids...

Ben checking out the snow with his frog boots.

Brian cleared off the driveway and sidewalk today and the kids loved these snow mountains. They each stood on their own mountain and picked up snow, tried to make snowballs and watched the big kids (Lisa and me) sled.

Heather, Lisa and Maddox going down the hill...
Ben on his mountain...

Sam uncovering our Christmas penguins...

The video below is one I took while sledding. I am laying face down on Sam's sled holding Reilly's leash... Lisa was ahead of of me and he was tearing after her. I totally sound like the Wicked Witch of the West here, but was cracking up and felt like I was going 100 mph... Still makes me laugh!

Off we go...

We took the kids on an outing this morning. Loaded them up on the sled and pulled them a few blocks to our neighborhood park. Above is a photo of Ben walking down our road... I started off with the kids and he didn't like the idea of going without Daddy... who was shoveling our driveway.
This just might be my favorite photo from this whole snowy week. Reilly was having such a good time running through the park.
Lots of swinging...

And then the boys jumped on the sled and we headed back home!

Lisa and Heather brought Maddox over this afternoon to hang out and have dinner. We had a blast night sledding and playing in the snow... photos and hilarious video to follow very soon! We put chains on our 4 Runner tonight and I am hoping for a real outing tomorrow.

Sunday, December 21, 2008

Keeping Busy

What is wrong with my kids? They chose to stay in tonight and take a bath vs going out and playing in the snow and sledding... We are going on day 9 here of this crazy weather and I guess the novelty has worn off. I really think they would want to be out there more and for longer periods of time if they had snow pants and boots. The jeans and tennis shoes get a bit cold after about 20 minutes! We did do some sledding this morning and the kids had just as much fun throwing icy snow chunks left from the freezing rain. Up to 7 more inches predicted tonight - who would have guessed Portland could get almost 1 1/2 feet of snow in a little over a week? Brian is still checking every weather report, news station, online doppler, radar and satellite image every 10 minutes hoping that we are going to break out of this very soon so he can start his Christmas shopping.
They were happy making snow angels and pretending to be snowballs in the tub.

There was even some water wrestling. They must have some pent up energy as they have been really physical the last few days - lots of running, chasing, wrestling and dog piling each other.

We built a fort tonight and they thought it was the greatest! They kept running and sliding headfirst under the blankets...

We made popcorn and turned on Toy Story... Here they are watching from the fort. Ben had to go find his buddies Woody and Buzz for movie night. He is holding on tight here to Woody (Buzz not pictured).

A little sprinkle happy!

Not quite sure what happened to our cookies... They looked perfect when we put them into the oven... but they grew!

The kids were excited to help.
When it was finally time to put the sprinkles on, the boys went a little crazy. This was the part they had been waiting for.

Taste test...

Saturday, December 20, 2008

Inches and Inches of Snow!!

We have had about 5-6 inches of snow today and it is still dumping! The kids had a great time sledding this afternoon and then I took a walk as it was getting dark. It was so beautiful - everything covered and so quiet. We are supposed to get several more inches tonight! Here is Ben taking a ride...

The kids are begging to make Christmas cookies so off to the kitchen we go...

Housebound...Day 7

Sam loves to play the guitar... he took the strap off of Brian's guitar (since Brian doesn't play guitar!) and has been walking around playing all day... with his little sidekick dancing and singing behind him.
With all of the snow we have had this week we have pretty much been housebound. The school district canceled school 5 days in a row! We are getting dumped on again today and tonight... The kids have loved having Brian around so much!

Friday, December 19, 2008

Christmas and Cousins

Sam and I went out today and found Christmas presents for Ben and Brian. He kept getting distracted finding all kinds of things he would like to have... He even tried to convince me that Brian needed some crazy martian-toy-watch-thingy that he thought was cool.

He was so excited to help me wrap the two gifts he bought. He did all of the tape, bows and wrote his own gift tags.
Ellen and Colin went to a Christmas concert tonight and the kiddos came over to play. They have such a great time together...
Lizzie is such a little mommy to the others. I turned the lights out and put on Thomas... a few minutes later she was snuggling with Ben. I don't think she was too impressed with our movie selection... A Toy Story, Thomas, Cars... I think she was hoping for something more exciting... Cinderella, Snow White, Mulan perhaps? Anything with a princess??

Wednesday, December 17, 2008

Round 2

We were hit with our second blast of snow this morning around 9am... and it is still coming down. After a quick trip to Trader Joes we went out to play.
Enough photos - let's get this sled movin'!

Ben loved making snow balls and trying to pull Brian around on the sled.
Catching snowflakes...

Brian is out making his daily trek to Starbucks. He was able to drive into work yesterday and is getting cabin fever again today. He gets bummed just looking at the 5 day forecast. I love the snow but am bummed that it looks like Sam's preschool will be closed all week and they won't have their Christmas program Thursday night. Those little ones are so darn cute. It has warmed up a few degrees but they are predicting very cold temps and more snow tonight/tomorrow... and a new storm Sunday!

Tuesday, December 16, 2008

Still here...

We are still here in the house... if our sideroads were better we could get out! Our driveway and hill are still a thick sheet of ice. Brian took our 4Runner and is on his way to work for the first time this week. They are predicting more snow tomorrow and this weekend. Everyone is starting to get a little stir crazy.
It isn't as windy today... so we are hoping for some more sledding in the next couple of days!