Tuesday, August 27, 2013

Hood to Coast 2013

 JD starting us off with a shot of rum!
 And Van 1 is off!  
 Beach party!
 Gut bomb!
Great year for the Tiki Rum Runners... we took an hour off of our time from last year and had great weather and company.  Hoping we get in again next year!

Tuesday, August 20, 2013

Harper turns 3!

Our baby girl turned 3 today!  So hard to believe.  She seems so grown up but still the baby!  We hiked and swam and played in Sunriver all day... tonight we had a family BBQ and cupcakes and she hammed it up dancing and singing in her new dress up clothes.  Such a fun age!

More Sunriver 2013

Today we took the kids up to the lava lands and Benham Falls... they made it 3 miles hiking.  The little kids were great and the oldest did some complaining about being hot and tired but we made it! :)

Monday, August 19, 2013

Sunriver 2013

We are in Sunriver this week for the 9th annual summer family trip.  Kids have been doing the usual... swimming, biking, playing ball in the backyard, going to Goody's for ice cream and a little bit of fighting and driving each other crazy.  It's been a fun few days and tomorrow Harper turns 3!  

More puppy pix!

9 weeks old and 20lbs!  We are gone this week so Griffey is back with his brother and sister for a few days - he is loving "puppy camp" and we are missing him so much!  My friend Peri sends me pix and updates ands says he's happy and having a great week!