Tuesday, May 27, 2014

Memorial Day Weekend

Friday we packed up and headed to Arch Cape for the annual Adams beach weekend. We had great weather except for a few sprinkles Sunday night. The kids spent hours playing on the beach, wave jumping, wrestling, playing games and sitting in the hot tub. The adults stayed up way too late drinking and playing hearts and then trying to keep up with the kids!

Summer is coming!

We've had such great spring weather for the most part! Signs summer is on the way:

- daily bike and scooter rides
 - lots of baseball
 - slip and slide and pool time
 - more trail running
 - hiking
 - water balloons
Harper had her last day of preschool last week -- counting down the days (13!) until the boys are out for summer!

Sam is 10!

Hard to believe we've hit double digits! We survived a pool party and sleepover to celebrate!
Sam is changing so fast. He's almost as tall as I am… loving sports more than ever, reads books faster than we can check them out at the library and craves time with his buddies just being a typical silly boy. He's helpful, thoughtful and at times has a whole lotta attitude… we've hit the tween years. :) 

Love you Sam! 

Thursday, May 1, 2014

Boston Marathon 2014

It's hard to believe Boston has come and gone!  20 Team Athena friends ran Boston this year and we had such an amazing weekend… hard to put into words the experience we shared. 

The energy was in Boston was incredible and the people so welcoming and happy to have us there.  The crowds were 10-12 people deep cheering and waving signs... handing out water, ice, gatorade, oranges, popsicles, baby wipes… and encouragement to every runner out there. It was truly unbelievable.
Nicole and her stick, lacrosse ball, KT tape, stim machine… everything a marathoner needs to keep it together until race day! :)
 Waiting for Kim to start the BAA 5k
 Picking up bibs at the Expo!
 The whole city was covered with Boston Strong and other signs supporting the race...
 Part of the finish line...
 After dinner Saturday night...
 Race morning -- Athlete's Village

 Warm day, challenging course… done! 3:25:36! Happy!
 Watched the last finishers cross the finish line… so inspiring!
Some of the strongest and toughest women I know… so much love and respect for each of them!
 Couple of race pix… This was around mile 25...
Just out of the hills… maybe mile 21?

Amazing weekend… amazing experience I will always cherish. Such an honor to be in Boston and part of something so special - especially after last year's events. Feeling a little of the post marathon blues… but know my body needs a break. Looking forward to some fun, easy running for a while!