Saturday, August 16, 2008

Last Day in Sunriver

It's hard to believe we have already been here a full week! We are planning on taking a few more bike rides, hitting the pool, and visiting with Aunt Susie and Uncle Dennis before we have to head back to Portland tomorrow. Here are a few more pictures of our trip! Cousins catching bugs!
Playing in the back yard... we have been playing tag, baseball and making lots of mud pies (or mud cakes as the big kids call them). We finally got Ian and Ben to sit still for a photo!
At the pool...
Can you find the deer? The kids were tossing her blueberries and she was pretty curious. If you look closely you can see her peeking around a tree at the little ones.

Tuesday, August 12, 2008

Sunriver... 4th Annual Trip Underway!

We left Saturday for our annual Whiting Sunriver trip! The kids are having a blast and are absolutely exhausted at the end of every day. We have been enjoying long bike rides, swimming, playing outside, Scrabble tournaments, watching the Olympics and just relaxing!

Ben exploring...
Sam and Lizzie have been taking several bike rides a day. They are now starting to master the actual Sunriver bike trails and are getting pretty fearless. We have been working on staying to the right when other bikers are coming our way... They are FINALLY getting it! The hardest part is getting them to slowwww dowwwwnnn!
We rode out along the Deschutes to the stables yesterday. The kids loved feeding the horses carrots!
Ben, Lizzie and Ian all took a pony ride. Sam had fun watching and digging in the dirt...
Pool time!
Loving the slide!

We have been playing a lot in the back yard - the kids love it when we pitch them the ball.

The deer here have been very friendly and pass by most evenings! Here is a mama and her baby... They were just about to come closer when the kids came running and scared them away!

Sam has been telling us he doesn't want to go home. We have 4 days left... More pix to come!